Trever Miller (Born 1968, Olds, Alberta, Canada): Trever Miller is a self-taught photographer who has been exploring image making for over a decade now. Born and raised in rural Alberta, he moved to the city of Calgary in 1986 to pursue post secondary education in the field of computer technology.

As it sometimes happens, this plan did not go well. After trying then dropping out of college three different times he decided to make his own way forward and currently has a successful career in IT as a systems and network administrator.

A lifetime of learning new things on his own terms in his IT career is also applied to photography, as he is never satisfied with just reaching “close enough” with respect to photographic image making skills, editing, processing, trying different subject matter, and more recently dabbling in fine art printing.

He currently resides in Lethbridge, Alberta with his wife Lori, and two little rescue dogs, where the wind doesn’t always blow like mad, but when it does walking the dogs is like flying furry kites.

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